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Biography PhotoJ. Timothy Bryan

ARRIS Board Committees: Audit Committee (Financial Expert)

Principal occupation and recent business experience: Mr. Bryan currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative (NRTC) where he manages all operating and strategic aspects of the cooperative. Prior to becoming NRTC’s Chief Executive Officer in 2011, Mr. Bryan served as an advisor to numerous organizations and companies including IMAX Corporation, DBSD (formerly ICO North America), NRTC, and O3b Networks. Mr. Bryan has also held numerous executive and financial leadership positions, including Chief Executive Officer, ICO Global; Chief Financial Officer, Eagle River, Inc.; President and Chief Financial Officer, United Pan Europe Communications (UPC; now Liberty Global).

Other directorships: FirstNet, Avail / TVN (observer), ICO, Clearwire, Nextel, Open TV, UPC, A2000, Telekabel, Samaritan Institute and Jekyll Foundation.

Director skills and qualifications: Mr. Bryan has more than 32 years of experience in the communications and finance industries. He brings a wealth of operational and financial expertise, as well as strategic executive leadership, to the Board.